Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Girls Camp

After the long hike. We're doing the Y W sign but it's hard to tell
Eating Lunch

Mia Maids rule!

The day after I got back from my cruise I woke up and headed to Girls Camp! It was so much fun. I really love my calling and enjoyed spending time with the girls. Unfortunately I could only go for the first 2 days because I had to get back to work, but we had a blast.


Paradise Beach

I tried to pick the best picture but it was way sunny

Our waiter Cornelio. He was the best

Uno in the airport. We played like 400 games in a row

Our Monkey towel

Majesty of the Sea's

View from the Atlantis Hotel

Beach Volleyball at Cococay

wish you could tell by this picture how much is was raining

I'm not the best at creating long posts. I like to write as little as possible and put tons of pictures, but i'll try and tell you a bit about our cruise. We just got back from a cruise to the Bahamas with many of Austin's High School buddies and their spouses. It was AMAZING! I highly recommend everyone visiting the Bahamas. The first night we spent in Miami... well mostly just a ghetto hotel in Miami. We walked across the street to a gas station to buy some water and I was like oh look there is like a toy sword in the road... as we got closer I was like "WOW" that's not a toy sword. Don't worry it was a machete! In the middle of the road. I LOVE UTAH! haha Then the next morning we got on the ship and set sail for Cococay which was the cruiseline's private Island. We got there and about 5 minutes into it, it starting pouring down rain. Not what we signed up for, but ended up being way fun. We played a little beach volleyball between storms, and then it rained harder than I've ever seen rain come down. They made us evacuate the Island. It was a little scary, but they headed toward Nassau Bahamas early and we were able to spend the night there. Then we woke up and did some shopping at the Straw Market which was very fun, and then we hit the beach! Clearest water I've ever seen. It was so amazing being in such a beautiful place. We had a blast. That is until we got off the ship and sat in the Miami Airport from 8am-5pm. Thanks to Chicago's weather our plane was delayed and we were stuck in the airport all day. Overall it was a GREAT vacation and we hope to be able to travel with our friends a lot more! (sorry that was a very condenced version of the whole trip)

Last Day :(

most of the crew on my last day

My last Blake Sandwich!

Funniest moment of my career!

The Drive-thru/our second home

After 3 years at the Harrison branch, I finally decided to branch out and expand my America First bubble. I got the Lead Teller position at the North Ogden branch, which is about 2-3 minutes from my house instead of 25-30 minutes. It was a tough decision because I really loved all of my co-workers and the members at Harrison. I've made some GREAT friends working there, and it was really hard to leave them. We had some good times to say the least. I have never had a job where I laughed SO much. I will never forget "THE WALL" and all of the funny things we all said. Love you all Harrison Branch!!!! North Ogden Branch here I come