Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy 60th Birthday Dad!

My dad turned the big 6 0 on the 12th. A few of us celebrated with him by going to his new favorite restaurant Bumbi... (Rumbi Island Grill) for some reason the crazy old man cannot remember what it's called. He always calls it Bumbi.

I asked him to smile.. this is what I got

 My Dad hates when people call or text him and he doesn't know the number, so it's always funny on his Birthday when people text him happy birthday. He calls all of us to see if we know who's number it is. So we were enjoying a nice dinner and Jen from across the table texts him and says Happy Birthday, and for some reason he doesn't have Jen's phone number in his cell phone. So he asked if any of us knew who it was... we all said we didn't, so we told him to text them back and ask who it was. So he text back and Jen said her name was Todd... my dad looked around at all of us like who in the world is Todd... so he text and asked the last name and Jen told him, Todd Perkins. My dad is going crazy trying to think of who in the heck Todd Perkins is. Saying well it could be this ladies boyfriend from my retirement party..... not sure why in the world this ladies boyfriend would be texting him Happy Birthday, but whatever Vern. Meanwhile Scott who is sitting next to my Dad starts texting him from his work cell phone that my dad doesn't know the number. My dad is still trying to figure out who in the world Todd Perkins is... this goes on for quite a while and the rest of us are laughing hysterically because we all know it's Scott and Jen, and my Dad just thinks we're laughing at him. Scott is giving him clues that only the people who were at the table with would have known we were talking about. This went on for probably a good half hour before we finally gave in and told him it was Scott and Jen. He was convinced it was Abbie or Broc at some point.. then some random person he met one time. So funny. I have not seen my Mom laugh so hard in my whole life. It was hilarious. I think my Dad was kinda hoping we'd do something bigger for his 60th Birthday..... little does he know we are doing a surprise party for him at Maddox this Saturday!
Trying to figure out who in the heck is texting him.. hilarious. I love Scott's face in this pic.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Where has the time gone

Wrote this post on January 10th...... been saved in my drafts for a while... sorry
Me on Christmas 31 weeks

I cannot believe how quickly this pregnancy is flying by. I'm loving every minute. Our little girl is super active. I love feeling her kick and wiggle all the time. Austin also enjoys when she'll give a kick for him. We had a great holiday season and now our focus is everything BABY. We've got the room painted, crib up, had 1 shower and 2 more to go. We're getting down to the last few weeks. So crazy! One of my favorite times of the day is when I get home from work at night after we've eaten dinner, Austin and I just sit and look at my stomach as Tenlee just rolls back and forth. It is hilarious. Doctor's appts. keep going great :) Our doctor keeps saying how much HAIR our baby has. I think I was bald until I was walking to school for kindergarten. We will see if her hair stays, maybe she got my sister Shannon's hair somehow because I certainly do not have much. Baby is about 4 1/2 pounds now with less than 6 weeks to go. I hope she continues to grow healthy and strong, but not to exceed 8 pounds. Besides seeing all our babies hair at the doctor we have learned that she is much like her Momma... she always has her hands in her face. We've had a hard time getting some good pictures at our last few appointments because of her silly little hands in her face. Austin always teases me because when I sleep I have to have one of my hands on my face. We are so anxious to see what she looks like. Is she going to have my blue eyes and blonde hair, or will she look like her daddy with hazel/brown eyes and dark hair. Will she be more Garner or Hoffmann?? I'm kinda leaning towards Garner because if you've ever seen my nieces and nephews... the Garner gene is pretty darn dominant. Who knows though. It's just so exciting. My sister Shannon had her baby this week too, which has made me even more excited to see our little girl. Her little Farrah is so cute and her and Tenlee are going to be great cousins. People have kind of been giving us a hard time lately because our doctor HIGHLY recommended that anyone who was going to be around our baby get the T-dap/pertussis/whooping cough vaccine. She said there are so many babies dying from it right now that she wouldn't take any chances. I think people think we're being a little too paranoid, which naturally we will be because this is our first, but when your doctor is so passionate about it and has seen babies die, we just can't help but take it seriously. It's funny to hear how many adults are afraid of getting shots! There are a lot of you out there :)
A lot has happened in the past few months with all the holidays and such. I'm loving my job as branch assistant manager and I'm learning a TON. I keep trying very hard not to let my prego brain get in the way of my job, but I do feel bad for my co-workers often. I say weird things too, just ask Austin. I am having heartburn everyday just like always, no signs of that going away, could be the reason for all her hair I hear. The weird dreams just keep coming and coming. I had a dream the other night that Channing Tatum and I were hanging out at this water park going down slides and Austin was there and I was super pregnant and the lifeguards were getting mad at me haha last night I dreamed I was a trick snowmobile rider, also pregnant snowmobiling going off jumps and doing flips.... who even knows where they are coming from. I feel excellent though!!! I cannot be more grateful for how perfect this pregnancy has been. I'm starting to get more tired at nights, but feel pretty good during the day and I'm sleeping OK for now. Wish I'd have blogged a little better during this pregnancy, but pictures say it all. 

Here are a few random pictures of us getting her room ready

First Shower
37 weeks

Fun Shower gift from my Romer Twins
Work shower

Old work friends/High School friend shower

                                                               My family/friend shower
We are so grateful for all the wonderful people in our life!! We got amazing things at all of our showers. Thank you to EVERYONE!!! We love you.
We have had a set back in our grand plan and still aren't sure what we are going to do. When I accepted my new position at work everything fell right into place with a daycare. We had a perfectly located daycare, that just happened to have a spot available coming the first week of May which worked our great, so she was saving us a spot. We went and met with her and discussed the upcoming months, then out of nowhere heard that she'd decided after doing daycare for 15 years she was ready to go back to work full time and got a job with benefits. Which I do not blame her at all. Daycare for 15 years would be extremely hard. But now we do not know where we're going to take Tenlee. So hopefully during my maternity leave we will figure things out. I'm pretty sure I've called every daycare from North Ogden to Layton and they're either not really what we're looking for, or they don't take infants, or they are already reserving spots for women who are currently pregnant. So we're crossing our fingers something will workout. If not, my Dad may have to watch the baby for a few weeks ha ha for any of you who know my dad.... this is rather hilarious. Looking forward to the next few weeks!