Monday, January 16, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

Heading to church

Mom and her new bling bling

picture of Mom and Dad's rings

Ugly sweaters

The Crew

Austin 1st place Tyler 2nd place

Austin and Brett's annual awkward photo... that's never planned

Ballif party

Me, Nash, and Scott's fingers haha he ruined our cute picture

Dad was laughing his head off, he was trying to tell a joke and thought he was SO funny he couldn't even breath. It was HILARIOUS just seeing him try to tell the joke

The kids in their nativity clothes

We had an awesome Christmas this year. Shannon and Jordan came up and got here in time for the Ballif Family Party which was a blast as always. We had some chick fil a for dinner, played the dart game, and Grandpa showed us a great spiritual movie. We got home from our cruise the Sunday before Christmas and it worked out perfectly. Christmas morning Austin had to work so I woke up and went to my parents to watch Mitch and Nash open their presents, then came back home to meet up with Austin to go to his sisters church during the afternoon. After church we headed to the Hoffmann's to give his parents and siblings their gifts, then off to the Garner's for dinner and presents. After dinner we headed to Grandma Hoffmann's for a little bit, then back out to my parents, then we decided to come home and watch the Grinch together before heading to bed... we ended up going to bed at like 8:30 :) Holidays have become very long days with both of our families living so close to each other, but we wouldn't change it. We might not be able to go so many places once we have kids, but we'll keep doing it until it gets to be too much. Overall Christmas was an awesome day. This year my Dad surprised my mom majorly. Ever since Grandma Garner passed away and Mom got her ring I've been telling my dad to take it to a jeweler and have him make a new setting with Grandma's diamonds and after a few years he finally decided to do it. Before our cruise my Dad and I went to his friend Greg Norton's to pick out a new setting. It was so much fun. While we were there Dad decided he also wanted a new ring with the diamonds from Grandpa's ring. So on Christmas with everyone their Mom opened her new ring that she had no clue she was getting, and dad put on his new ring. It was so much fun helping my dad surprise her. We ended up also getting her some diamond earrings with leftover diamonds from Grandpa's ring that Dad's new ring didn't need.
Such a good Christmas surprise.

Before we left on our cruise we went to our favorite Crew Annual Ugly Sweater Party. It was a blast as always. Austin and I were pumped because we randomly went to the DI in November and scored with some major ugly sweaters that we knew would have to be in the running for the contest... we were right. Austin won the ugly sweater contest and gets his name added to the trophy. (Scott and Jen borrowed our ugly sweaters for a party they were going to and Austin's sweater won again at their party haha ) We had dinner, treats, watched some sports, played with all the cute babies and got some sweet white elephants. Thanks to the Greenwell's for always putting together such a fun party.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Hanging out on the pirate ship sailing around Cabo

Lovers Beach

Our room

Leaving Cabo at sunset

Rascal Flatts pirate haha j/k this is the owner of the pirate ship... does he not look just like the guy from Rascal Flatts?!? just happened to get a pic that looks like he's singing. His wife told us he got harrassed at a Rascal Flatts concert one time.. fans thought he was the guy and asked for his autograph and when he said he wasn't him they got really angry and said he was a jerk haha so funny

Our pirate ship The Sunderland from a distance

Famous Cabo Arch next to Lovers Beach

Formal night eatin some Lobster

Disney Castle at Christmas=amazing!

Chloe and Breein about to embark on the ride of their life, The Ghostrider at Knott's Berry Farm

Kyle and Aleece at Knott's Berry

Trent, Hannah, Braden, and Shari

Me and the hubs in front of Disney.

Austin's parents took the two of us plus about 26 other people on a cruise in December for Christmas. I don't know about you guys, but that is the best gift you could ever give someone haha Austin, myself, his parents, 5 siblings + spouses, 14 nieces & nephews, + an aunt and a friend headed to California bright and early December 8th to spend a few days at Disneyland & Knott's Berry Farm before boarding the Carnival Splendor for 7 days! It was fabulous. We had a blast going on ride after ride, seeing the awesome water show, and enjoying Disneyland all decorated for Christmas. Sunday morning we boarded our awesome ship and sailed away to beautiful Cabo San Lucas Mexico where we spent 2 days taking a pirate ship, attempting some snorkeling (couldn't see anything at our spot), and doing some serious bartering at the flee markets in order to purchase some awesome souvenirs. Cabo is an amazing place, and I wish we'd have gotten to spend some more beach time, but we had a blast. After two marvelous days in Cabo we sailed to Puerta Vallarta where we got to hang out and swing from the trees in the Mexican forest. We spent our whole day ziplining in Puerta and had so much fun. They even let the little kids who were under 5 zipline. They loved it. We had several days at sea where we enjoyed movies, games, mini golf, shows, food, and ICE CREAM.... lots of Ice cream :) This was Austin and my 3rd cruise together and I think we both agreed this was our favorite ship we've been on. It was definitely the nicest. We did find out after we got on the ship that our ship was the one that had mechanical difficulties last year and was stuck in the middle of the ocean where they had to fly in spam and such for the passengers to eat.... but the Splendor didn't give us any trouble, luckily. We had so much fun making memories and spending time with the Hoffmann family and look forward to our next vacation.