Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Sorry I haven't posted anything forever. I have to do it at my parents house and there internet has been retarded for like 2 months. So two weeks ago, Austin and I went to Disneyland with his whole family. We did newport beach, disneyland two days,California adventure,six flags, universal studios, and we were supposed to go to knotts berry, but we decided we'd rather go shopping! (the girls that is ha ha)We had a really great time and I got to know his family a lot better. I forgot to take my camera like everyday, so if it looks like we're wearing the same outfit everday we really weren't, we took all our pictures the same day ha ha

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FRYER FAM said...

yeah. we have been patiently waiting. the annual pumpkin carving doesn't count if we're not there. jk. i miss it. we are totally jealous that you guys met "Woody." i want to go in October next time. how cool is that. miss ya. glad you finally posted.