Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We had our annual Ballif family Christmas party this year. We throw darts at balloons and inside the balloons tell us things we have to do for prizes, and the adults get to play for money instead of prizes. This year after all the balloons were gone my grandpa pinned up a 50 dollar bill and said whoever can hit the closest to the center wins it. Out of 17 adults I was 16th to go and nobody had even hit the bill so far. So I got up and I was pretty nervous, but I just threw the dart and it landed right on Grant's right cheek!!! I was so excited because none of the men got it and I did. I wish I would have taken a few pictures with it, but I was so excited I just grabbed it, hugged my Grandpa and put it in my wallet. We had a great first Christmas as a married couple but I only took a few pictures, so I hope you like them.


FRYER FAM said...

cute JEn. are those your stockings on the couch? moms computer is a little crazy color. are they blue & green & the decor on your tree too? i like them!

FRYER FAM said...

did you lose your camera? or just forget how to do this:)