Sunday, July 19, 2009

Alaskann Cruise/Canada

So it's been forever since I last posted anything. In June Austin and I went on a cruise with some of his siblings and their spouse's and it was awesome!! We got to go whale watching, and zip lining, and we were just able to see how beautiful Alaska is. We were very surprised when we got there to find that it was 80 degrees!! We did not pack for warm weather at all. Luckily I threw in a few t-shirts for us. I was thinking I'd need sweaters and winter coats. It was really fun though, everyone in Alaska kept telling us how lucky we were to have come when we did, because it is never that warm there. It was 80 degrees everyday that we were there. I'd never been on a cruise before, but I think they are my new favorite vacations. It was awesome, we got to be good friends with one of the employees on the ship and every time we saw him he would smile at us and make comments about french toast, because that's what we ate every morning and he was the one who always served us. We also got to check out Seattle the first day, which was really fun too.

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