Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sunday's at the Garner's

Blakey blowing out his candle's
The dance show

Cute Dancer Halle

Cute Bailee Bay

Jen and Miryka showing us their trick :)

Almost every Sunday afternoon my family gets together at my parents house to spend some time together. This particular Sunday we celebrated Blake's 15th Birthday. I can't believe how old he's getting. I still see him as my little baby brother, even though he's like a foot taller than me. Halle and Bailee put on a little dance show for us and it was HILARIOUS, Haden showed us a few of his break dancing moves, and Avery was trying to be a big girl and dance with her sisters. I just love them SO much. They are so fun and I'm lucky to be their aunt. We had a great time. I love my family! We miss the Fryer's in Arizona though :(

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FRYER FAM said...

what exactly is jen & mirykas trick? were they feeling left out of the dance party?:) we miss you too.