Thursday, July 1, 2010

Father's Day/Drive-In

My Best Friends
Hanging at the Drive-In

Happy Birthday Austin

Shane enjoying his Father's Day

Me and my Dad


Dad's present :)

We celebrated Father's Day with a dinner at mom's and then gifts. We sure do have a good time when we get together with the Fam. I love it. Hopefully one day the Fryer's will be Utah residents again. Last weekend I got the chance to go to the Drive-in with 3 of my very favorite girls. It was so fun to get together and catch up. I miss them all!! We also got to celebrate Austin's 27th Birthday. He is such a great husband and I'm so glad I get to be his wife. We have so much fun together and our 2 years of marriage have been great! I love how hard-working he is, how he knows how to fix everything, how he loves sports and he's great at them, I love how he can talk to anyone and makes friends everywhere he goes, how funny he is, and I love how much he loves kids, and how great he is with them. He's going to be a great Dad someday.... hopefully not too soon haha Couple more years. Happy Birthday babe, I love you!

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Miryka said...

I don't know if my kids can wait a couple more years for cousins from you guys. Cute Pictures! We love you guys.