Monday, December 6, 2010


So, I must confess. I LOVE Christmas. I love the weather, the smells, the scenery, and I love love to give gifts. So much in fact that I CANNOT wait until Christmas day to give people their presents. For instance Austin is currently wearing a pair of levi's, a basketball jacket, a jazz hat, and playing with an accessory for his xbox. My mother is wearing 3 very cute watch bands that I gave her, and I have already watched my copy of eclipse, and worn my jazz hoodie. I know... I know.. it's only December 6th, but I told you.. i'm THE worst at waiting. I get so excited about the presents I buy, I just can't wait to give them to everyone. I text my mom yesterday and said, "Mom will you feel bad on Christmas morning if you get your present from us today?" I was so glad when her response was NO. I ordered these watch band kits like two weeks ago and they finally came Friday, so I hurried and made the bands and couldn't even wait 1 whole day to give them to her. She loved them! So I was glad I gave them to her early, so now she can wear them all month long. I've also decided this habit of giving gifts out early can be bad... because Christmas morning Austin isn't going to have 1 present to open since he already has them all.. so we've started putting our opened gifts under the tree unwrapped just so it looks like we gave each other stuff.

That is my confession.. I don't know that I'll ever change, but it is something I am actively working on :) However, it is something that I am now getting made fun of for constantly, but if you are the one receiving the gift.... I bet you won't be making fun of me.

P.S. I will post pictures of all our opened gifts soon

Hope you all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


.:Trevin and Randee:. said...

I read this out loud to Trevin and he was like "Let's do that!!" haha. We really might! I hope you're coming to the Christmas party! I miss you guys!

Thompson Family said...

It's okay Jeni. We do that too. Randy and I are already using our Christmas presents. We just wrapped the boxes and put them under the tree.
I am glad there is someone out there like me! The only ones that don't get Christmas early are our kids.

FRYER FAM said...

you are such a dork. i like to be surprised too much & the waiting makes that better. so i'm glad you don't have my name this year.