Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my Dad's 58th Birthday. He is such an awesome guy. He is very hardworking, athletic, and fun to be around. He loves to golf, snowmobile, sleep, garden and secretly he likes to shop ;) especially around Christmas time. He loves the New York Yankees and the Greenbay Packers! OH YA! He loves his kids even though they like to tease him and tickle him since his stroke a few years back. We all try to make him laugh, because when he does he can't stop. It's hilarious. He makes a mean roast and bakes the best chocolate cake you will ever eat! He loves his Grandkids and spending time with them. (even though he doesn't like when toys are out :))We LOVE you Vern Dogger. Happy Happy Birthday!!


FRYER FAM said...

i'm laughing so hard right now!

FRYER FAM said...

oh and we're wondering what was in the box?

Brett and Rachel said...

Hey Jen! Good to hear from you! Looks like you and your hubby are doing well! Are you still at good 'ol AFCU? Can't wait to see an announcement on your blog some day! I highly recommend motherhood!