Saturday, October 6, 2012

Baby Poll- Girl or Boy??

                      The night before our appointment we talked to most of our family members
                     to get their guesses on what our baby would be... Girl won by just a few votes

               For those of you who haven't heard on Sept. 25th we found out our sweet baby is

 For some reason I felt like 100% it was going to be a boy all along. I've had a feeling since about 8 weeks, not sure why. Austin's brothers have both had boys first and both of my siblings with kids have had boys first so I kinda just thought the pattern would stay. We went to the doctor and she began our ultra sound, we'd told her we wanted to find out the gender and that we had a for sure girls name picked out but weren't sure on a boys name. She said it was probably a boy then haha as she went on everything was looking great, baby is growing like it should be and finally she said I think..... from this angle it looks like a girl. Then she kept moving it around and from another angle she said yes this definitely looks like a girl! Finally one last view... yep it is a girl haha we are so happy. We didn't care if it was a girl or boy, we just wanted a healthy baby. We're extremely excited for baby Tenlee to join our family in March. Now we just need to start preparing. We have yet to buy anything except a diaper bag which I bought before we knew it was a girl. We wanted something that would work for either gender and I love it. I'm a little obsessed with turquoise.

Diaper bag I got for a steal on
 Also, if any of you have any great suggestions on what the heck we should do for the baby's bedroom I am open to any and all ideas. I'm kinda thinking of doing red & turquoise... or bright colors like pinks, greens, turquoises, and oranges, but I honestly just have no idea.
not the best pictures because they are pictures of pictures
Baby girl has her hands up by her head
Here Tenlee's little mouth is open ;) our doctor was so excited
about this picture and said our baby was very cute!

18 1/2 weeks

         I'm feeling really great right now. Not nearly as tired, not ever sick, no more heartburn, just lots of eating :) my belly is growing but still kind of just looks chubby to me. I started feeling her move last week which is so much fun. I can't wait until Austin can start to feel our baby girl. We're ready for the next couple of months and pray everything will continue to go well for us :)

Also on another side note, I decided to take a different job at my same place becoming a loan officer. This job I would just do my work and be able to worry about myself and making sure I got my job done, then when the baby comes I was planning to go to 30 hours. On my first day of being a loan officer my boss called me in her office and said I was being asked to go to the Clearfield Branch and be the asst. manager if I was interested!! Wow this kinda of changes all plans we had for the future, but I decided this was a great opportunity for our family and my career and couldn't pass up the offer. So now I am working in Clearfield and will be staying full time when the baby comes. We've already found a babysitter and things are falling into place for our little family. Just hope my prego brain doesn't kick in too much while trying to learn a new job :)


Becca said...

Wow congratulations on the promotion, that's so great! And congrats on the little girl! Girls are so fun, you're going to have an awesome time decorating her room. I can't wait to see what you do with it!

Braden and Annie said...

So excited for you guys, congratulations! So glad to hear your pregnancy is going smooth, I hope that continues for you. I loved being pregnant but I did the same thing with Braden when I got heartburn, I had no idea that's what it was. Love the diaper bag!
Awesome news about the promotion, Congrats on that too!

RachelBQuist said...

Congratulations on baby AND your promotion, Jeni! I miss seeing you!