Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy 60th Birthday Dad!

My dad turned the big 6 0 on the 12th. A few of us celebrated with him by going to his new favorite restaurant Bumbi... (Rumbi Island Grill) for some reason the crazy old man cannot remember what it's called. He always calls it Bumbi.

I asked him to smile.. this is what I got

 My Dad hates when people call or text him and he doesn't know the number, so it's always funny on his Birthday when people text him happy birthday. He calls all of us to see if we know who's number it is. So we were enjoying a nice dinner and Jen from across the table texts him and says Happy Birthday, and for some reason he doesn't have Jen's phone number in his cell phone. So he asked if any of us knew who it was... we all said we didn't, so we told him to text them back and ask who it was. So he text back and Jen said her name was Todd... my dad looked around at all of us like who in the world is Todd... so he text and asked the last name and Jen told him, Todd Perkins. My dad is going crazy trying to think of who in the heck Todd Perkins is. Saying well it could be this ladies boyfriend from my retirement party..... not sure why in the world this ladies boyfriend would be texting him Happy Birthday, but whatever Vern. Meanwhile Scott who is sitting next to my Dad starts texting him from his work cell phone that my dad doesn't know the number. My dad is still trying to figure out who in the world Todd Perkins is... this goes on for quite a while and the rest of us are laughing hysterically because we all know it's Scott and Jen, and my Dad just thinks we're laughing at him. Scott is giving him clues that only the people who were at the table with would have known we were talking about. This went on for probably a good half hour before we finally gave in and told him it was Scott and Jen. He was convinced it was Abbie or Broc at some point.. then some random person he met one time. So funny. I have not seen my Mom laugh so hard in my whole life. It was hilarious. I think my Dad was kinda hoping we'd do something bigger for his 60th Birthday..... little does he know we are doing a surprise party for him at Maddox this Saturday!
Trying to figure out who in the heck is texting him.. hilarious. I love Scott's face in this pic.


The Green Family said...

That is hysterical!

FRYER FAM said...

that is SO funny! i love it. so true... ScottEs face is priceless! wish i was there. bet it was hilarious.