Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Fun!!

We had our annual pumpking carving evening last night with my family, and it was a blast. I thought I'd try to get creative (which I'm totally not but it's something I'd like to be so I've been working on it) As most of you may know, my Dad, Austin, and I are huge Yankee fans! So I decided since they are in the World Series that I would carve my pumpkin in honor of the yankees ha ha Also, my awesome little brother Blake plays football at Wahlquist Jr. High. He is the starting running back and also plays defense. He pretty much plays the whole game, even with a broken arm. He's done so good this season and if they win their game tomorrow they will be playing for the championship next week, so I thought I'd put a picture of Blake's pumpkin on here too. I wish I knew how to put video on because I got some awesome video at his last game of him catching an interception and running it down for a touchdown. He's super fast. We had a really fun time together carving pumpkins. I learned that two of my brothers are big wussy's and didn't want to clean the pumpkins out because the inside is gross. (Don't worry guys, the little girls and I took care of it) Halle, Haden, and Bailee were having so much fun carving pumpkins. My mom made taco soup and yummy breadsticks that she shaped like bones for Halloween. We missed the Fryer family though. Hopefully they will live in Utah again sometime soon. We don't see them enough. I hope you all have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!


Wrendy and Bronson said...

Ha, I love your pumpkins. Espically the Yankee one, Go Yankee's!!!!

FRYER FAM said...

yeah.. aren't you glad we started this family tradition. we missed you guys too. but, if we can't do it with you we'll do it with someone. we did it the same night. funny. great pumpkin by the way.