Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Before picture of my latest project
After sanding it down


Just a random picture I liked so I thought i'd throw it in

Love it!

My mom gave me this cute picture of the Bountiful temple as an early Birthday present! I love it! We didn't really get any pictures of the temple when we got married so I've been searching around for one I liked, and then my Mom made me one at homemaking. It turned out great. She did an awesome job on it. Thanks Mother!!! Also, this dresser is my latest project. I got it when my Grandpa passed away. It was one he had at his house. I decided after a year of it sitting in my basement, that I would actually do something with it. I sanded it all down and then painted it. I'm planning on doing the same to Austin's dresser he uses. I was going to buy matching handles so the dressers would kind of match, but man oh man handles are expensive!! So I just decided to keep the old ones and just spray paint them silver... just trying to accomplish my dream of becoming crafty :)


Sara Bosler Castro said...

Oh my Jenni I love that dresser! As soon as I have a house I want to do things like that. I love love love the color you painted it! Sooo cute. You did an amazing job!

Heather said...

Love it

Teri Wadman said...

Jeni! I had no idea you had a blog. Well if you don't mind I am going to be a reader :) My blog is private so if you want an invite just email me your email address to teriwadman@live.com

Miryka said...

So cute Jeni. Is it for your bedroom? You are too crafty, your house is totally cute.