Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Us melting at the RSL game
Chilling on the field at Rio Tinto waiting for the fireworks

On the 24th of July Brett and Amber invited us to go the RSL game. We had a blast. They got us tickets that were in an awesome section and like 12 rows back. At half time everyone left to get some snacks and drinks because it was like 100 degrees, I stayed back to watch all of our stuff and wouldn't you know it... they started throwing out shirts. Well there I was sitting by myself just waiting for the crew to come back and a shirt lands right where Brett was sitting, so I get up and go over to grab it and this little 10 year old kid sitting right in front of us reached back to grab the shirt. He had the shirt in his hands but didn't have a strong grip so I sort of yanked it out of his hands :) I kind of felt bad but I was really glad I ended up with an RSL shirt. When Austin came back he couldn't believe I'd gotten it. I never catch anything at sporting events! The game ended in a 1-1 tie,but it was still really fun. Afterwords there were fireworks and they let everyone go down on the soccer field. We really enjoyed going. Thanks Brett and Amber for getting us hooked up!

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Miryka said...

That is so funny that you took it from a 10 year old. Show no mercy!