Saturday, March 16, 2013

Where we got Tenlee's name

We have had many many people ask us where we got Tenlee's name. Everyone just assumes it is from the TV show The Bachelor, but it is not. We got it from this movie

Jessica Biel's character name is Tenley Parrish. Ever since the first time I saw this movie I loved her name. I've remembered it all these years and have wanted to name a baby Tenley. I told Austin the name when we were first married and he instantly loved it too. So as soon as we found out we were having a girl, there was no question on the name. As for the spelling I like the ley but wanted something a little different. We had talked about doing Tenli since my name is spelled with an I. We also talked about Tenlie. We went back and forth several times, but in the end went with Tenlee. I always hated it when people pronounced my name wrong and we figured with Tenlee there really isn't a question. It's spelled exactly how you say it, so that was our deciding factor. We also went back and forth on whether or not to have a middle name. My sister and I don't have middle names and I kind of liked it. I just kept my maiden name as my middle name when I got married. We just decided on no middle name this time.

This week we had a few surprise visitors. Tuesday evening around 5 PM there was a knock at our door. Austin went and answered it and when he opened the door there was a baby in a car seat and nobody else was around anywhere. I walked to the door to see who it was and I said it's Farrah!! Shannon and her family had driven to Utah from Arizona with out anybody knowing they were coming!! It was such a fun surprise. Farrah and Tenlee are exactly 7 weeks apart. It was so much fun seeing them together. Although it was a quick trip for Shannon's family we sure had fun getting the cousins together for a little bit.

First time meeting
Tenlee in Pink & Farrah in yellow. Tenlee looks close to the same size as
Farrah, but I think only because she is closer to the camera

We attempted to do some cute pictures together
but Farrah woke up, so it made it a little harder
plus Tenlee spit up everywhere. It's ok though
We will try again in May when Shann comes for
Blakey's graduation
Little T by herself. We will be taking her whole set of newborn
pictures this week. This is a small preview of one of her outfits
I just had to add this picture because Tenlee is growing so fast. We went in to the doctor for her 2 week appointment and the PKU test. She hardly cried when they poked her little foot. She weighed 8.6 at two weeks old (fully clothed and a full diaper I might add). The doctor said they typically like to see babies back to their birth weight at two weeks..... Tenlee weighed 7.2 at birth :) She certainly is gaining weight and it's showing in these big cheeks. Yay for chubby babies.


Braden and Annie said...

She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I bet you are the best mama!

RachelBQuist said...

She's adorable Jen. :)

Brett and Rachel said...

Congratulations Jeni! I haven't checked your blog in a while so this was a fun surprise! She's absolutely adorable and you're going to be a great mom! Can't wait to see more pictures!